RCP Inc., is a consulting firm that provides professional engineering capabilities and regulatory expertise to energy and energy-related companies.

We typically work with Fortune 100 businesses, offering a wide range of services that include regulatory interpretation, compliance program development, integrity management services, technical writing, and acquisition support.

Our professional staff has decades of experience in government and industry, and knows that regulatory issues can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. We not only understand the regulations and the process, but also the agencies that write and enforce the rules. Beyond that, we have extensive regulatory search capabilities that enable us to resolve any open issues fast and effectively.

We also know how to build compliance programs that stand the test of time - and hold up under regulatory scrutiny. They are comprehensive, accurate, and in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. As part of that, we routinely provide record-keeping systems, forms, written procedures, training, and ongoing compliance assistance to our clients.

Finally, RCP has a tradition of creating and sustaining trusted partnerships with the companies we serve. This has translated into long-term relationships that are based not only on the quality and scope of the work we provide, but also on the manner in which we provide it.