image Although not necessarily prescribed in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, expectations have increased by the DOT that pipeline operators have engineering standards that go beyond routine operations and maintenance procedures. RCP can develop reference manuals that provide detailed specifications for various maintenance activities, including appendices of common abbreviations, definitions, forms, specific design rules, etc.

Sample contents of these Engineering Standards include:

Pipeline repair and modification standards for:

  • Codes & Industry Standards
  • Preparation for Repairs
  • Qualifications of Materials, Procedures and Personnel
  • Permissible Permanent Field Repairs
  • Inspection and Test of Repairs
  • Pipe Movement
  • Branch Connections and Hot Taps

  • Paint System Considerations
  • Coating Maintenance, Storage and Handling Considerations
  • External Coating Inspection Equipment and Activities

Guidelines for Pipeline Corrosion and Cathodic Protection:

  • Industry Standards
  • Calculations
  • Testing & Measurements
  • Close Interval Survey Procedures
  • Supplemental Procedures
  • Cathodic Protection Installation and Repair
  • External Corrosion Procedures
  • Rectifier and Equipment Lists