Fundamentals of Transmission Pipeline Operations Workshop

Who should attend
This workshop is appropriate for both technical and non-technical personnel who are new to the transmission pipeline industry, as well as those who need a broader understanding of pipeline operations and management in general.

What you will learn
This 2-day workshop provides participants an overview of how gas and liquid transmission pipelines operate and walks them through the practical things that a typical pipeline company does on a regular basis to operate and maintain the pipeline system as a whole.

Workshop topics include:
  • Components of a pipeline system (types of pipe, coatings, tanks, valves, pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, pig traps, meters, instrumentation, control systems/SCADA)
  • Operations activities (starting/stopping, batching, managing receipts and deliveries, measurement, monitoring, pressure control, leak detection)
  • Inspection and Maintenance (valves, ROWs, tanks, pumps, compressors, instrumentation, pigging, cathodic protection)
  • Repair (in-service repair techniques, welding, OOS repairs/replacements)
  • Integrity Management (ILI, Pressure Tests, Direct Assessment), including assessment processes, analysis, follow-ups
  • Emergency Response (planning, organization/ ICS, drills, response)

The workshop also includes hands-on demonstrations and examples of how pipelines work using RCP's in-house Pipeline Flow Loop1 which allows students to see a pig in operation, see phase separation as it occurs, and understand the importance of elevation change. Students can also monitor and control the Pipeline Flow Loop from the training room ("control room"), and then step into the hall to see the pipeline in action.

Workshop materials
Each attendee will receive copies of workshop presentations as well as applicable handouts in a hardcopy notebook.

About RCP Trainers
RCP trainers have a wealth of industry experience and provide participants a practical perspective on operations and maintenance activities at a level all can understand and are very effective in answering any questions.

1 RCP's in-house Pipeline Flow Loop is an engineering marvel! It is a working 2” diameter pipeline system incorporating many of the components of a transmission pipeline system including SCADA control system and instrumentation for flow, pressure, temperature, and volume, as well as automated valves, pig traps, variable speed pump, and more.