image The RCP Leak Tracking System (LTS) is a web-based application designed specifically for gas distribution and transmission operators to manage all aspects of their leak survey program. The LTS provides an efficient method to handle all aspects of leak survey assignments, leak monitoring, leak repair, and agency reporting activities. The LTS also has a simple GIS interface to assist with long-term data management needs of gas distribution companies.

Key features of Leak Tracking System include:

  • No special software, license agreement or hardware necessary
  • Customizable e-mail reminders for leak survey, leak monitoring, and repair task assignments
  • Customizable reports for all leak management data
  • Easy data import and export of leak management data, including GIS and Google map applications
  • Simple and intuitive functionality – surveys, leaks, and repairs can be viewed and reported with as much or as little associated data as desired
  • Customizable security and access privilege settings
  • Multiple options for document storage and access – store procedures, forms, images, and completion documentation

Key activities that are managed with the Leak Tracking System:

Leak surveys are assigned to technicians and/or supervisors, email notices inform when the survey is due and/or overdue, survey notices include all relevant data, procedures, forms, and maps necessary to document successful completion of each leak survey.

  • Annual DOT Reporting
    All of the data necessary for the DOT Annual Reporting is captured and posted in the LTS DOT Annual Report template.
  • Semi-Annual Texas PS-95 Reporting
    The LTS generates the PS-95 Report and outputs the data into the EDI reporting format required by the Texas Railroad Commission.
  • Management Reports
    If you want to trend where leaks are occurring, what types of materials are leaking, or what repairs are overdue, the LTS has robust query functionality that can cut through the clutter to report exactly what is needed.

  • Identification, Grading & Data Gathering
  • Reevaluation Assignments
  • Repair Assignments
  • Post-Repair Evaluation Assignments
  • Leak Closure