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Pressure Test Workshop

Who should attend
This workshop is appropriate for all those involved in the planning or execution of pressure testing from supervisors, project managers and engineers to pressure testing contractors and third party inspectors.

What you will learn
This course will provide an overview of how to efficiently plan, execute and document a successful pipeline pressure test. At the completion of this training, participants will understand what requirements are driving pressure testing and how to determine if the test satisfies those requirements.

Workshop topics include:
  • Applicable codes and standards
  • Different types of pressure tests
  • Necessary steps when designing and planning a pressure test
  • Necessary steps when conducting the test i.e. taking the line out of service, cleaning, filling and pressurizing, and returning to service
  • Required instrumentation/equipment and proper configuration
  • What data is needed to validate a pressure test
  • How to determine and prove a successful pressure test
  • How to properly document a pressure test, specifically to satisfy code requirements as defined by CFR 49 Parts 192 and 195.

Workshop materials
Each attendee will receive copies of workshop presentations as well as applicable handouts in a hardcopy notebook.

About RCP Trainers
RCP personnel have established themselves as industry experts, designing, implementing and validating pressure tests for gas and liquid operators with over 1,000 on-site pressure test validations. They provide participants with expert perspectives and real life examples.