RCP provides a state-of-the-art, web-based Compliance Management System, TaskOp, that is simple to use and keeps you on track with your tasks. TaskOp is a modular system, capable of handling implementations from basic work orders through complex, asset-driven compliance and training management solutions. TaskOp is fully customizable for any type of facility or regulatory requirement.

TaskOp helps your organization's compliance requirements flow more efficiently in order to:

  • Delegate compliance duties effectively.
  • Remind personnel of tasks through existing e-mail system.
  • Track task completion with documentation.
  • Alert management when tasks are not completed on time or need follow-up action.
  • Smoothly interface with GIS applications.
  • Ensure that all training and qualifications are completed prior to expiration.

TaskOp is completely scalable, so RCP can manage a small division’s regulatory compliance and easily expand to handle the entire corporation’s regulatory management needs. This comprehensive system can neatly manage virtually any and all of your regulatory management requirements including: air, wastewater, hazardous waste, CFR 192/195 and safety requirements.

RCP will assist with initial implementation of TaskOp and provide on-going compliance management support. Because RCP incorporates web-based technology, there are no need to rely on IT while getting started. During use, if key personnel leave and other corporate changes take place, TaskOp can adapt and scale to keep up. Tracking compliance tasks will help maintain regulatory compliance, meet performance objectives and manage operational risk.

Key features of TaskOp include (but are not limited to) the following customizable features:
  • E-mail reminders for compliance task, training, and qualification deadlines
  • Reporting and custom query functionality, including trending and pipeline analysis.
  • Track audits, audit findings, and audit-driven tasks.
  • Multiple security and user privilege settings to control access to your data.
  • Document storage: procedures, forms, maps, pictures, and completion documentation.
  • Track Management of Change and record all sign-offs needed.
  • Automatic recurrence setting for routine tasks (example: leak surveys, CP surveys, etc.)
  • Activate hibernating tasks as required (example: reportable spill reporting tasks)
The security of your data is the number one priority. Individual access and permissions that you control and daily backups. 24/7 security using firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Login and access is secured using SLL certificates and encryption.