While RCP is taking care of all of your compliance needs, here are a few of our favorite sites to occupy your time in the most interesting ways:

  1. OCEARCH Shark Tracker
    Track tagged sharks, whales, sea turtles and other marine life all over the world with OCEARCH Shark Tracker. Click on a shark to see their travel log, notice how some sharks seem to stick close to Galveston Bay and others make their way all over the Gulf.
  2. Explore Wildlife Live Cams
    We promise not all of the links are wildlife related, but we couldn’t resist including Explore’s Wildlife Live Cams. Watch a Bald Eagle in California care for her eaglets or relax while watching Honey Bees in Buchloe, Germany.
  3. Earthquake Tracker
    Clearly, RCP has a proclivity to track more than regulations! Find the nearest earthquake with USGS Earthquake Tracker.
  4. Zillow
    Search for the most expensive home in the city and decide what amenities you couldn’t live without. In Houston, see what a $30 million dollar property has to offer. Also look for similar floor plans for ideas.
  5. Wayback Machine
    The Wayback Machine is a internet archive. Type in your favorite website, choose the year, and be amazed at the internet glow up. Check out Amazon from 2005, you’ll be amazed.
  6. Eyeballing Game
    Test your visual acuity with The Eyeballing Game. Move the blue square to the center point of the line or shape. Beware if you’re a perfectionist, The Eyeballing Game will suck you in for hours.
  7. Random Street View
    Ever wonder what it would be like to teleport to an unknown location? Random Street View does exactly what it says…all over the world.