Fundamentals of Pressure Testing – Online Training Course


In this 8-hour online workshop, you will learn the basics of designing, planning, implementing, and validating a pressure test. This workshop is designed for attendees from a variety of backgrounds including engineers, field techs, and other pipeline professionals. Certificates of completion are available upon successful completion of the knowledge assessment quizzes throughout the course.


  • Applicability of pressure tests
  • Different types of tests: Strength, Leak, Spike
  • Regulatory requirements for pressure testing of gas lines vs. liquid lines
  • Hydrostatic test (hydrotest) vs. pneumatic test
  • Determining target test pressure based on MAOP/MOP, elevations, class locations, etc.
  • Test equipment
  • Filling, dewatering, and drying test segments
  • Pressure test acceptance criteria
  • Evaluating pressure test data using mass or volume balance analysis
  • Locating and repairing leaks
  • Documentation
  • Case studies


Cost: $1,200 per person

This course is offered through the Pipeline Safety Institute.

Registration link: