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[Docket No. PHMSA-2019-0131]

PHMSA is preparing to update its FAQs for gas farm taps. PHMSA has published a series of new FAQs to replace the current FAQ (C.3.7) concerning farm taps. The current FAQs can be reviewed on the PHMSA Gas Distribution Integrity Management webpage.

The new FAQs will be available for public comment until June 19, 2020. There are 20 new FAQs covering the following topics:

  • Exercise of Enforcement Discretion
  • Applicability
  • Reporting
  • O&M Requirements
  • Source of Supply and Local Distribution Company Operations
  • Regulator Testing
  • Exemptions
  • Other Part 192 Requirements
  • Local Agreement Consumers

These proposed FAQs clarify that a farm tap is a service line that begins at the first point of isolation from the production, gathering or transmission line and ends at the outlet of the customer’s meter or the connection to the customer’s piping. An applicability flowchart is included in one of the FAQs. The FAQs also identify the distribution pipeline requirements to which the service line owner must comply. These requirements include O&M, Operator Qualification, Reporting and Pipeline Testing. There are a couple of FAQs concerning scenarios where the source piping is not PHMSA regulated and asked if the service line would be PHMSA regulated. In each case the service line would be regulated as a distribution line.

Comments can be submitted via the E-Gov Web portal. Identify the Docket No. PHMSA–2019–0131 at the beginning of your comments. For a copy of the Federal Register Notice, contact Jessica Foley.