Pipeline Safety Management Systems

RCP is a leading expert on Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) and has helped lead the way in conducting industry research for the development and creation of API 1173 public awareness materials and best practices as well as the planning, implementation and program effectiveness tools that are being used industry wide.


Our experts have a deep understanding of API 1173, process safety management and safety cultures, as well as extensive experience developing, assessing and implementing safety management systems for major oil and gas companies and related industries.


  • Executive Team Facilitation (Strategic Planning and Execution)
  • Gap Assessments
  • Safety Culture Evaluation
  • Program Development/Updates (Procedures and Document Processes)
  • Program Development Status Tracking (TaskOp)
  • Program Audits and Gap Assessments
  • Develop/Modify Implementation Strategies
  • Lead/Manage Implementation Team
  • Maturity Assessments

Evaluating the progress and effectiveness of your program can be challenging. RCP experts have the experience in program evaluation and improvement. Regardless of which maturity level your company is currently at, RCP’s Safety Culture Survey is a great way to evaluate and benchmark your program and effectiveness.

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