TaskOp is completely scalable and customizable.  Here is a list of our currently available features, which we call modules, that you can mix and match to make your own TaskOp system.  We are always adding more features, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask.  We may already have it or we can develop a module to fit your specific needs.

Asset Management

Asset Management
It’s an inventory of all your pipelines, facilities, tanks, wells, field equipment, etc., that has a hierarchy-style setup.   Each asset has its specific metadata associated with it, a list of its associated other assets that belong to it, and a full list of all the work ever done on that asset.  This allows you to easily evaluate your records from an asset perspective, while maintaining a complete, verifiable, and traceable log of records for each asset.

Regulatory Compliance Manager
Tracks all regulatory tasks from scheduling to documenting and completion. Compatible with standards for DOT, PHMSA, PSM, OSHA, Coast Guard, State Agencies, etc.

Preventative Maintenance Manager
Tracks all P&M tasks at your facilities.  Includes scheduling, documentation, and completion tracking.

Daily Tasks Manager
Allows employees to submit documentation for non-regulated one-off tasks.  Provides insight for management of extra work happening in the field.

One Call Manager
Keep track of One Call tickets in the same system that takes care of pipeline assets.  State received One Calls can be either auto imported from an email account, as they are received, or manually put into the system.  Once in the system, you can review, manage, analyze and handle the One Call tickets.  Document a cleared or marked ticket and have the system auto notify the state and/or excavator.  Assign personnel to a ticket if deemed within PIR of pipelines, so that they can document their field visits to the excavation site.  In the end, there is a fully documented One Call ticket that shows ticket information, how it was addressed, all trips to survey the excavation work, and closure information.

Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOC) Manager
Track, mitigate, and document abnormal operating conditions.

Operator Qualification Manager
Keeps track of all employee qualifications, alerts employees when qualifications are beginning to expire and keeps historical records for audits. Utilize the qualifications tab to quickly identify if an individual is qualified to do the work that a supervisor is assigning them.

Gather data for incidents easier and more efficiently with parallel work between the field and office. Data populates data points from the PHMSA incident forms, and reports allow you to quickly move the data to the PHMSA portal.

Project Management
Provides live status updates and notifications to track a project from start to finish. Tracks project budgets, permits, and engineering, environmental and regulatory tasks, as well as any material purchase orders.

Document Manager
Houses all company manuals, forms, and procedures in digital form.  Allows for ease of access by system users and the ability to link to tasks. Includes a revision log and a check in/out system to track changes to documents.

Integrity / Risk Management

Risk Assessment Tool
Allows you to assess your reservoir and cavern risk with RCP’s underground storage risk model. We can even put your risk model into the system to allow you to assess risk using your model.  You can also test mitigation measures to see where it would be best to spend company funds to reduce risk.  Trend your risk over time to see improvements or changes.  Also includes a risk matrix to visualize how your wells compare to each other.

Corrosion Coupon Analyzer
Upload and analyze coupon data in graphical or tabular form to find corrosion hot spots on your pipeline.

ILI Analyzer
Upload your ILI data from a tool run and analyze it graphically on an individual run basis or compare multiple runs. (B31G calculations coming soon)

Input your inspection points for your pipelines, tanks and vessels and have the tool automatically give you your remaining life and indicators for repair/replacement. Track all your remaining life data points over time, trend outputs and better understand what is going on with your assets.

Control Room Management

Track all aspects of 49 CFR 192 & 195 CRM requirements, including, but not limited to, controller activity, alarm management, deviations, document reviews, fatigue mitigation, etc.

Shift Change
Track, manage, and document shift change.  Gives personnel an easy way to clock in and out during shifts via a button directly on a report that can be placed on a tablet screen in a convenient location.  Daily, weekly, monthly snapshots can be taken for archiving purposes.

Management of Change (MOC)

A robust digital MOC management system that allows new MOCs to be created, documentation attached and run through your entire MOC process, including approval.  Log all your MOCs and keep them compliant throughout the entire process, all in one location with the rest of your work.

Inspection / Audit Management

Allows user to either mock audit themselves or have RCP assess their gaps to be able to prepare for the real audit.  Create findings to assign to individuals and track to completion.  All PHMSA regulatory audit protocols are built in.

Extra Features / Tools

GIS Mapping

A live mapping module that geographically maps assets from the asset management module to provide a visual perspective.  It can also map leaks/repairs, tasks, etc. to better visualize problem areas or get work done from a geographic perspective.  All points on the map are powered by the user and records in the system.  Users can add new assets, tasks, or other items to the system and they will automatically appear on the map.  No need for 3rd party integration or outside tools.

Backup Tool

Creates full data backups to a specified secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) server or SharePoint Site on any desired frequency.

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