TaskOp Newsletter: April 2020

TaskOp Newsletter:
April 2020

Welcome! To all of our current TaskOp users and those who want to learn more about TaskOp. We are excited to keep you informed with this new publication. Check out RCP’s TaskOp webpage for everything you need to know about TaskOp: available modules, a quick tutorial video, informational survey and an opportunity to test-drive the system.

This months issue includes:

PHMSA Notice of Stay of Enforcement and Notice of Enforcement Discretion to Operators Affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

The PHMSA Notices issued on March 19th and 20th state:

  • New temporary rules are granted for state pipeline safety program managers, pipeline operators, and operators of gas storage and liquefied natural gas facilities.
  • Allows temporarily halting its enforcement of compliance with operator qualification, control room management, and employment drug testing requirements.
  • Does not relieve operators of their safety responsibility to use trained, non-impaired workers to perform pipeline operation and maintenance tasks.
  • Any alterations to your current plans are required to have justification. 

TaskOp can help you manage compliance by creating a location to document the reasons for making alterations to your work orders. This will provide the documentation needed to present to PHMSA if you are audited in the future. The RCP TaskOp team is here to help make any adjustments you feel necessary to comply with these new PHMSA Notices. For current users, submit a help ticket directly from your TaskOp dashboard. If you want to start using TaskOp to manage compliance, contact Jessica Foley.

Underground Storage Risk Matrix Update

We have recently updated the capabilities of the TaskOp risk matrix graph.

  • The risk matrix will now update in real time as new risk assessments are added to the system.
  • The system automatically keeps track of the latest risk assessment for each asset
  • Keep track of your risk mitigation process in real-time.

If you are interested in having it installed in your application, please submit a help ticket directly from your TaskOp dashboard.

Case Study: Inventory Management Module v1.0

A large integrated gas pipeline, storage and gas distribution company in the northeast has implemented a new feature for TaskOp, the inventory management module. They are managing their warehouse inventory of reusable equipment and parts that are being used for projects related to their pipelines. They are utilizing multiple features of the module as follows:

  • Check in/out abilities right from your work orders for equipment needed in the field.
  • Manage maintenance and track usage history of equipment based on thresholds set in TaskOp.
  • Request parts to be pulled for use on work being performed.
  • Track inventory and send reorder alerts when inventory meets a defined threshold.
  • Use your mobile device to scan barcodes to pull up specific equipment/parts to quickly make requests or check them out.

If you are interested in having this module installed in your application, please submit a help ticket directly from your TaskOp dashboard or contact Jessica Foley.

Other updates from 2019’s new features email:

  • Barcode scanning is now available on the mobile app. If you would like to take advantage of this to quickly locate your work orders, assets, etc. in the system, please let RCP know.
  • Mobile offline capabilities are scheduled to launch around May. This will allow the ability for your field crews to gather their field data once in their mobile app, even when cell signal or WIFI isn’t available. When a signal is established, the data is uploaded into the system.
  • Redesigned table reports are just about ready to launch. Testing is going great and this should be a welcome improvement.
  • Executive dashboards are on hold for now, though testing will start this summer.

Best regards,  

Daniel Pate | Director, TaskOp Development  | RCP Inc.
T: (713) 655-8080 | email: DPate@rcp.com

Best regards,  

Daniel Pate
Director, TaskOp Development
RCP Inc.
T: (713) 655-8080
email: DPate@rcp.com

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