TaskOp Newsletter: April 2021

TaskOp Newsletter:
April 2021

Welcome! to all of our current TaskOp users and those who want to learn more about TaskOp. We are excited to keep you informed with this new publication. Check out RCP’s TaskOp webpage for everything you need to know about TaskOp: available modules, a quick tutorial video, informational survey and an opportunity to test-drive the system.

This month’s issue includes:

Module Highlight: ILI Analyzer

The ILI Analyzer module within TaskOp™ started out as a simple repository for all your ILI anomalies found during an ILI Assessment. The repository allowed you to work with your data to find items that needed attention. Why stop there? We have taken the module to new heights by turning it into an ILI Project Management tool. Here are some highlights of what the upgraded module can do:

  • ILI Assessment Wrap Up – House all your project information and timeline dates.  Identify your specific requirements for an assessment summary of the anomalies that result from your ILI run and have the system automatically tally up various elements and pull-out anomalies that need to be seen. You can also have the system output a project summary to send to management or generate an archive that includes all the project data.

[foogallery id=”15617″]

(Summary of HCA Anomalies; the same summary
can be done for non-HCA and an overall summary)

  • Auto-calculate API remaining life – The formulas for short term corrosion, long term corrosion, remaining life and next inspection dates are baked into the tool.  Each anomaly gets assessed per API’s standard, to quickly find outliers and segments that need further attention.

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  • Track digs and repairs – The tool allows you to create work orders for going out to dig various anomalies and repair them.  This helps you comply with PHMSA standards that require you to dig a certain number of anomalies that are found from an ILI tool run.  Capture photos of corrosion and field data to quickly relay back to the main office, so that repair work can get scheduled.

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If you are interested in having your ILI Analyzer module upgraded to version 2 or want to inquire about getting this module installed in your system, let us know.

Methane Gas Reporting

We anticipate many new methane emissions reporting requirements for operators of all types. Along with new reporting requirements, expect new regulations that will focus on the operator’s effort to reduce their emissions over time.

In February 2021, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the American Gas Association (AGA) published ‘NGSI Methane Emissions Intensity Protocol’. The Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative (NGSI) is a voluntary, industry-led initiative that focuses on the effort to manage, track and more transparently communicate current efforts to reduce methane emissions. In March, the American Petroleum Institute (API) released ‘Climate Action Framework’, which is another initiative focusing on reducing production-related emissions and to make delivery systems and consumer products that achieve environmental progress.

TaskOp™ has helped many operators with various reporting requirements throughout the years, so this is a perfect addition to the software. TaskOp™ can also help with all the calculations that go into finding the various components that may need to be reported. If Methane Gas Reporting is an add-on to TaskOp™ that you are interested in, let us know.

For TaskOp™ users that already collect field data in the software, you only need the add-on package. If you are not using TaskOp™ for field work data, you can still utilize TaskOp™ as a tool to gather, analyze and report out the data needed. You might find that using TaskOp™ is something you want to extend to other parts of your operations. Any new methane emission reporting requirements will be easier to manage in TaskOp™.

If you’d like to stay in the loop on any new methane gas reporting regulations and progress of this add-on to TaskOp™, click here.

TaskOp™ Design and User Group Meetings

Do you have a workflow or process that needs to be tracked and data collection simplified?
Do you have data points that need to be logged and analyzed?
Do you have new assets that need to be added to your system?
Do you have an idea for a module that you would like to incorporate into TaskOp™?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions or just want to see how TaskOp™ can help with operations, then click here to sign up for a design session today or send an email to your RCP TaskOp contact.

To review the various modules currently available to TaskOp™ users, click here. Don’t limit your imagination to just the listed modules. TaskOp™ has been commissioned to perform many niche tasks. The sky’s the limit on what TaskOp™ will do next. Challenge TaskOp™ to take on your task and you might be surprised.

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New Dashboard Highlight

*New Dashboards are currently in beta and should be used with that in mind.

New dashboards within TaskOp™ enable you to get even more insight from your data. One of the key components to operational agility is the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. TaskOp™ will give you access to tailored and accurate data allowing for confident decision making. The new dashboards provide users an even better way to gather real-time insight from operational data. The addition of modern visualizations and new tools allow users to interact with data in a way not previously seen in TaskOp™. Some of the most important features include:

  • Cross-report filtering: Click to filter several reports on your dashboard simultaneously
  • Cross-app reporting: Display reports from any of your TaskOp apps side-by-side
  • Dashboard tabs: Easily organize important reports on your dashboard
<sup><em>Photo Source Quickbase<em><sup>

Other notable enhancements to reports when
they are viewed on the new Dashboard:

New tool tips in chart: See values of all categories at a glance when you’re summarizing more than one datapoint or segmenting your data with a chart series.

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Easier viewing of complex reports: In the past, it was difficult to determine which line corresponded to what axis. Now line charts will allow you to easily leverage multi-axis reporting.

<br><sup><em><em>Photo Source<em> Quickbase<em><sup>

Zooming into charts: You’ll have new ways to gain insight from your relational charts by zooming in for greater detail.

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Check out RCP’s TaskOp™ webpage for everything you need to know about TaskOp™, including available modules, a quick tutorial video, informational survey, and an opportunity to test-drive the system.

Call, email, or fill out our contact form for help or to get started. 

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