December Featured Services

Pipeline Acquisition Due Diligence & Program Support

RCP has provided expert support for various pipeline acquisitions. RCP can provide due diligence audits and jurisdictional determinations to help ensure that potential compliance issues have been addressed before the sale is final.  

A past project included due diligence on crude assets in West Texas and New Mexico of over 2,000 miles of regulated transmission pipeline, gathering systems, and environmental assessments for 38 sites such as breakout, pump, and tank battery stations. The types of services we provide include the following:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II) – An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an evaluation of a property and all structures on the property to determine the likelihood of a recognized environmental condition.
  • Pipeline Risk / Liability Assessments – RCP will evaluate the pipeline’s operating and maintenance history, its environment, and other factors to identify any unusual risks or liabilities. This can include, for example, problems identified during previous in-line inspections which have never been corrected.
  • Regulatory Compliance Review – RCP can conduct a comprehensive permit and authorizations audit for all state and federal agencies (air, water, waste, etc.). For pipelines, this includes a review of the existing O&M Manuals, Operator Qualification Program, and Integrity Management Program to evaluate compliance with existing regulations.
  • Compliance Program Development – RCP can assist you with the integration of these assets into your existing regulatory compliance programs. This may include consolidating programs or in some cases creating new manuals and programs for the new pipeline system.

If you would like information on RCP’s Pipeline Acquisition Support Services, contact Jessica Foley.