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TestOp has provided tremendous value to pipeline operators since 2015.
But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say.

Senior Pipeline Engineer

RCP has been very responsive when issues arise or questions come up on the TestOp software, as well as on hydrotests in general. Their software has evolved a lot over the years and is very helpful in identifying issues in tests that may otherwise have been swept under the rug. The software’s ability to detect slow leaks that still stay within test pressure range, yielding older pipe, or discrepancies in length on acquired lines has been extremely helpful.

Engineering and Construction Group

TestOp has become a valuable tool for our company across both our Engineering & Construction and Operations departments by providing us with uniform reports that make documenting hydrostatic tests easier. This software has allowed us to receive feedback in real time, giving our company the confidence to accept a successful test, knowing the program aided in test data analysis. Additionally, RCP’s technical expertise in hydrostatic testing has become a useful resource to our business when troubleshooting testing failures, proving themselves to be customer driven through their commitment to assisting our team with quick answers to determine a correct path forward.

Pressure Test Contractor

We have utilized TestOp when providing services to our clients over the last 6 years. TestOp transforms the pressure test documentation process from paper to digital with the added security of 3rd party verification. Remote data viewing, real time evaluation and analysis, combined with cost savings, set TestOp apart from any competitors. For us, a testing contractor, TestOp is unmatched within the industry. We recommend this product to all of our clients.

Jessica Foley

Vice President

(713) 655-8080