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Underground Gas Storage

RCP has earned a worldwide reputation for providing professional engineering services and regulatory expertise to oil and gas operators, including underground gas storage in depleted reservoirs, aquifers and salt caverns.

We have the RESOURCES and the TOOLS to assist clients with building, implementing, and improving comprehensive operational integrity management programs in response to the recent PHMSA Final Rule on underground gas storage.

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Experienced Resources

  • Highly respected underground storage industry & risk management SMEs

  • Professional engineering support

  • Knowledgeable technical standards developers

  • Regulatory expertise

Asset Management Tools

  • Gap assessment protocols

  • Risk analysis program

  • Workflow & asset management

Gap Analysis/Effective Evaluation

  • PHMSA Final Rule: Safety of Underground Natural Gas Storage

  • API RP 1171/1170

  • PHMSA Advisory Bulletin (ADB-2016-02)

  • State-Specific Regulations

Process Development and Continuous Improvement

  • Storage risk management plan

  • Site-specific operations & integrity standards

  • Key performance indicators

Risk Analysis Model

  • API RP 1171, Section 8
    • Configurable to client and/or state needs
    • Separate models for depleted reservoirs and caverns
  • Deterministic Approach
    • SME/Documentation
    • Data (ex. Well Log)
  • Captures documents used in risk analysis and sub-surface safety valve assessment tools
  • Customizable queries & reporting

Asset Integrity Assessment & Remediation Progress Tracking

  • Schedule and progress reporting
    • Integrity assessment, repairs & PM activities
  • Data capture & analysis
    • Well log comparison (ex. corrosion rate)
  • Documentation linkage to work activity
  • Asset change management
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