PDQ™ – Pipeline Incident Data

RCP’s Pipeline Database Query tool, PDQ™, allows users to track pipeline trends for natural gas transmission, gathering and distribution pipelines as well as hazardous liquids lines. Using PHMSA incident and annual report data, operators can compare their safety rates to the industry or a group of similarly sized peers. PDQ™ can also answer in-depth questions about asset risks based on material type or age; and determine your company’s areas of integrity management excellence and challenges.

Operators are required to submit annual reports as well as incident data on any regulated assets to PHMSA. This data is compiled into two separate, downloadable Microsoft Excel files for each type of pipeline system: gas transmission and gathering, gas distribution, and hazardous liquids. Due to the nature of the files, performing detailed analyses or normalizing incidents per mile is both time consuming and difficult. PDQ™ allows companies to search this data with ease. Creating annual, quarterly, or monthly safety reports or benchmarking by causes, volumes, or items involved in releases is now simple and swift.

The three databases within PDQ™ can be used to benchmark against peer companies or the entire industry based on release type, commodity, or mileage. RCP can compare asset infrastructure, safety records, type of pipe, incidents per mile, and more.

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Data Analysis Services

  • Benchmark Studies
    • Generate reports showing common characteristics of incidents such as pipe material, vintage, types of corrosion, causes and release size, compared to the metrics of peer companies.
  • Public & Media Response:
    • Provide accurate information about your safety record relative to the industry.
    • Quickly respond to media inquiries with accurate context-specific data.
  • Installing a New Pipeline
    • Easily provide the company’s safety record to Federal and State officials, if requested.
  • In-House Records
    • Keep updated records of your choosing for management and progress report purposes.

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