Pipeline Integrity Engineer

Location: United States

Department: Documentation

Position Summary

The Pipeline Integrity Engineer will review and analyze in-line inspection data. This will include activities such as:

  • Learn company/client-specific tools and processes to analyze in-line inspection reports
  • Identify anomalies that are required to be evaluated per Federal Code and Company criteria
  • Identify anomalies that are recommended for evaluation and repair for tool verification
  • Create unity plots of ILI vs field collected data or multiple ILI data sets
  • Recommend appropriate repair for excavated anomalies
  • Review dig reports for correctness and completeness

The Pipeline Integrity Engineer will perform a variety of functions in support of the Integrity Management Program. Sample work activities may include:

  • Develop and maintain integrity management programs
  • Create and update client’s integrity management plan document
  • Facilitate data transfer with pipeline operators to perform risk analysis and HCA identification
  • Calculate hazard buffers for various product types: gas, HVL, non-HVl
  • Recommend assessment methods that match pipeline threats
  • Perform analyses for EFRD valve adequacy and placement
  • Maintain assessment schedules
  • Plan and execute assessment activities (ILI, pressure test, and/or DA) in accordance with the IM Plan

The Pipeline Integrity Engineer will perform a variety of functions in support of pipeline pressure test validation. Sample work activities may include:

  • Provide onsite pressure test assistance through observation, data collection and input to a pressure test validation application, TestOp
  • Develop or update existing pressure test standards and pipeline-specific test plans
  • Conduct testing of TestOp before new updates are posted to production site
  • Conduct training for new TestOp users

Qualified candidates will have three or more years of experience performing pipeline integrity work as described above and have a bachelor’s of science degree in an engineering or technical field from an accredited university. Qualified candidates can send a copy of their resume, cover letter and professional references to with subject line “Pipeline Integrity Engineer – insert last name”.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please use the form below, or if you prefer, you can email us at and include your CV.