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Florida Regulation Updates

On February 17, 2017 the State of Florida published an update to their gas pipeline regulations found in Division 25 Chapter 12. This update adopts and incorporates by reference the 49 CFR 191, 192 and 199 through the most recent version. Note the previously adopted version of the federal regulations was 2011. These changes are effective March 2, 2017. Additional changes to the regulations include:

  • 25-12.008 – Converted Facilities: minor word changing removing “significant” for the inspections that must be performed to ensure the pipeline is constructed with standards applicable at the time of installation. In addition rather than stating visual inspection “may” not be required if construction and testing records have been maintained, the regulation now states “will not.”
  • 25-12.022 – Requirements for Distribution System Valves:
    • Adds emergency valves to the valves that must be identified on drawings or maps. In addition, it now allows the centerline of the road or highway, property line or right-of-way to be used as one of the referenced structures. In addition, the marking requirements of buried valves or valves operated by a key wrench were clarified.
    • Adds emergency valves to the sectionalizing valves that must be inspected and maintained annually.
  • 25-12.027 – Welder Qualification: Updates the reference for API Standard 1104 that may be used for Welder Qualification.
  • 25-12.0400 Leak Surveys, Procedures and Classification:
    • Leak Surveys – Clarifies the required inspection intervals for conducting gas detector instrument surveys to locate leaks in areas not required to have annual leak surveys.
    • Leak Classification ? Requires operators to immediately repair Grade 1 Leaks to protect life and property.
    • Adds a requirement to monthly monitor and inspect areas where residual gas is detected on follow-up inspections until gas is no longer detected.
  • 25-12.085 ? Written Annual Reports Required: Updates references to completing PHMSA annual reports for distribution and transmission systems.