Forms Overhaul 

A recent update has enabled us to include more styling options, providing users the ability to create new, more appealing, forms.

Here are some of the new form features:

  • Color Coding: Color coding sections on forms will allow users and clients to immediately identify intended sections. This can reduce user errors and increase data accuracy.  
  • Form Layout Customization: Stage fields and sections side by side, better utilizing form white space. This allows shorter sections to be spread across the page, reducing the need for vertical scrolling to view all of the data.   

Note: On mobile, these will still be vertical.

  • Form Subtext or Help Text: Help text will now appear under the corresponding field to help users know what type of information to enter and/or the format of the input within a field. 
  • Form Field Width: Manually setting field widths to optimize form appearance is now an option. If a field appears unnecessarily wide, it can be adjusted, creating a more visually pleasing and well-aligned layout. 
  • Form Step-by-Step Navigation: Step-by-step forms are now more functional and user-friendly during the process of entering a new record to the database. This will allow clients to require their users to move through the form the way they prefer instead of just showing everything all at once on one page. 

*These new form updates will soon be translated to mobile forms as well. 

To start upgrading your data input experience, contact us right away!