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Discover TaskOp’s cutting-edge online forum, your ultimate source for updates and news! Stay informed about the latest TaskOp features and find the information you need, whether you’re seeking a feature, scheduling a demo, requesting support, or submitting your requests. Elevate your organizational efficiency and stay ahead of the game with TaskOp’s comprehensive online update page.

  • Upcoming Features Summary 

    We anticipate rolling out the following exciting features very soon: Enhancements to mobile dashboards, An upgraded user interface, and a more streamlined and user-friendly report builder.  Mobile Dashboard: We expect this update will bring new life to the mobile experience. We have made improvements to how information is displayed, introducing tabs, KPI metrics, and a…

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  • Forms Overhaul 

    A recent update has enabled us to include more styling options, providing users the ability to create new, more appealing, forms. Here are some of the new form features: Note: On mobile, these will still be vertical. *These new form updates will soon be translated to mobile forms as well.  To start upgrading your data…

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  • New Multi-File Upload Tool

    The new multi-file upload tool enables multiple files to be easily uploaded into  TaskOp forms on both desktop and mobile.   A simple drag-and-drop interface makes bulk processing seamless and improves efficiencies in your file management workflow. You can also preview uploaded images and download and delete uploaded files.    How to access and use this tool:…

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Jessica Foley

Vice President

(713) 655-8080

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