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Introduction to the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions – Fall 2018

The Unified Agenda has appeared in the Federal Register twice each year since 1983 and has been available online since 1995. The complete Fall 2018 Unified Agenda contains the Regulatory Plans of 28 Federal agencies and 66 Federal agency regulatory agendas providing information about regulations that the Government is considering or reviewing.

The Fall Edition of the Unified Agenda include the agency regulatory plans required by Executive Order 12866, “Regulatory Planning and Review,” which identify regulatory priorities and provide additional detail about the most important significant regulatory actions that agencies expect to take in the coming year. All federal regulatory agencies have chosen to publish their regulatory agendas as part of this publication.

The complete Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan can be found online. The online Unified Agenda offers flexible search tools and access to the historic Unified Agenda database to 1995. A reduced print version can be found in the Federal Register. Information regarding obtaining printed copies can also be found on the website.