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Nevada Proposes New Gas Pipeline Engineering Work Requiring Professional Engineer License

Chapter 703 [LCB File No. R073-21]

The Nevada Public Utility Commission has proposed new rules that would require any gas pipeline engineering plans or specifications for engineering work or services to be performed by or under the supervision of a Professional Engineer. The following types of work and services involving a gas pipeline facility that would require a Professional Engineer include:

  1. New installation of district pressure regulator stations, compressor stations or gate stations.
  2. Reconfiguration or physical facility changes, other than routine operating adjustments and like-kind replacements, performed at district pressure regulator stations, compressor stations or gate stations that alter or modify the configuration or overpressure protection of equipment.
  3. Installation, uprating, repair by replacement or abandonment of transmission pipelines.
  4. Installation, repair by replacement or abandonment of high-pressure distribution pipelines operating at 200 pound-force per square inch gauge and above and with a project length of 3,000 feet or greater of installed, replaced or abandoned distribution pipeline.
  5. Installation of distribution mains where such distribution mains attach to existing bridges or other engineered structures, except for newly designed or constructed bridges where the pipeline installation design was approved by the public agency undertaking the design or construction of the bridge.
  6. Uprating of distribution pipelines.
  7. Installation of a peak shaving facility, including any modification or reconfiguration that would alter such a facility’s pressure delivery characteristics.
  8. Installation of new permanent in-line inspection launchers and receivers.