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Oklahoma Pipeline Safety Fine Limit Removed

The State of Oklahoma has modified its regulations in Title 165 – Corporation Commission, Chapter 20 – Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety, 165:20-13-1. Scope and Fines, to remove the explicit limit of $500k per violation. The new section reads (underline is modified text):

This Subchapter prescribes the procedures utilized by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in carrying out its responsibilities regarding pipeline safety under 52 O.S. 1981, Section 5 and 52 O.S. Supp. Sections 47.1 through 47.8, and is designed to utilize enforcement procedures already in place by hereby adopting the Commission’s Rules of Practice, OAC 165:5, that are pertinent and necessary to carry out the enforcement of pipeline safety rules and regulations. (1) For each violation of a Commission rule in Subchapters 5 and 10, the Commission may issue an order pursuant to 17 O.S. Section 1 et seq. fining an operator up to the maximum amount provided by 17 O.S. Section 6.1.