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Online Reporting Now Available for Low Consequence Liquid Pipeline Incidents

Cheryl Trench of Allegro Energy Consulting has informed us that PHMSA’s online system for filing a Form PHMSA F 7000-1 for low consequence accidents from liquids pipelines will be available for data entry on November 19. This shortened release report is analogous to the “one-page” report that existed from 2002-2009. The system will not allow you to report an event as a “low consequence accident” if it involves: death or personal injury requiring hospitalization; or fire or explosion; or a release of 5 barrels or more; or property damage greater than $50,000: or pollution of a body of water. While the low consequence events are reported in less detail than more severe accidents, the new form requires more detail on location, consequences and causes than was the case before the implementation of the revised form in January 2010. The regulations on release reporting (Part 195.50, Part 195.52 and Part 195.54) are unchanged by the availability of the online filing functionality for this subset of accidents.

You can find the current form on the PHMSA website; only the shaded questions are required for low consequence accidents. You may also want to consult the instructions.