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PHMSA Advisory Bulletin (ADB-2014-04) Flow Reversals

[Docket No. PHMSA-2014-0040]

The Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued an Advisory Bulletin to all operators of hazardous liquid and gas transmission pipelines of the potential significant impact flow reversals, product changes and conversion to service may have on the integrity of a pipeline. Failures on natural gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines have occurred after these operational changes. This advisory bulletin describes specific notification requirements and general operating and maintenance (O&M) and integrity management actions regarding flow reversals, product changes and conversion to service. This advisory bulletin also recommends additional actions operators should take when these operational changes are made including the submission of a comprehensive written plan to the appropriate PHMSA regional office regarding these changes prior to implementation.

PHMSA refers operators to detailed guidance published in the document, “Guidance to Operators Regarding Flow Reversals, Product Changes and Conversion to Service” which provides operators with PHMSA’s expectations with respect to complying with existing regulations and also contains recommendations that operators should consider prior to implementing these changes.

For a copy of ADB-2014-04; or, a copy of the Guidance to Operators document, contact Jessica Foley.