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PHMSA Announces $10 Million Award for Engineering Services for a New Pipeline Research, Development and Testing Center

PHMSA announced an initial investment of $10 million for the conceptual study, design, and development of a world-class pipeline Research, Development, and Testing (RDT) facility at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado.

The proposed testing center is on Federal Railroad Administration property, leased from the State of Colorado, and managed through a contractor. This site will support the development of new technologies and advance stakeholder knowledge related to a wide range of pipeline safety issues, including remote sensing and leak detection, damage prevention, small-scale liquefied natural gas, and construction.  The RDT facility is PHMSA’s first substantial investment in a standardized, integrated technology development environment for pipeline safety research.

PHMSA’s Research and Development Program sponsors research, development, and testing for projects that provide near-term solutions to improve the safety and reliability of the Nation’s pipeline transportation system.