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PHMSA Notice Stay of Enforcement to Gas Pipeline Operators Affected by COVID-19

PHMSA announced they will not enforce provisions of the recently finalized gas transmission rule for certain items that were due to be implemented on July 1, 2020.  They will extend this July 1 deadline to December 31, 2020 (this is good news for all of you Really Cool People!).  According to PHMSA’s FAQ-1, the following requirements were to be implemented by July 1st:

  1. Prepare and follow procedures per the Final Rule*
  2. Begin to identify, schedule (according to a risk-based prioritization), and perform assessments required by § 192.710.

The deadline extension does not include additional information collection for incidents and the annual gas transmission and gathering report.

* The final rule affects procedures related to sections 191.23, 191.25, 192.3, 192.5, 192.7, 192.9, 192.18, 192.67, 192.127, 192.150, 192.205, 192.493, 192.506, 192.517, 192.607, 192.619, 192.710, 192.712, 192.805, 192.909, 192.917, 192.921, 192.933, 192.935, 192.937, 192.939, and Appendix F to Part 192.  Operators would be well advised to work on these procedure revisions NOW, because December will be here before you know it.  RCP, as always, is ready to help.