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PHMSA UGS Final Rule

[Docket No. PHMSA-2016-0016; Amdt. Nos. 191-27; 192-126; 195-103]

PHMSA issued a final rule to amend its minimum safety standards for underground natural gas storage facilities (UNGSFs). The final rule incorporates the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practices (RP) 1170 and 1171 by reference into the pipeline safety regulations as written. RPs 1170 and 1171 outline safety standards for several types of underground facilities and provide a minimum federal standard for inspection, enforcement, and training. These standards will directly apply to approximately 200 interstate facilities and serve as the minimum federal standard for approximately 200 intrastate facilities. The rule also clarifies the threshold for reportable changes and events which require PHMSA notification and revises the definition of an Underground Natural Gas Storage facility.

RCP has been closely following this UGS rulemaking and has published many related articles in the DOT Pipeline Compliance News. Search Newsletter Archive editions from 2017 to present for background information on the Interim Final Rule, FAQs, etc.

This final rule is effective on March 13, 2020.  For a copy of this UGS Final Rule, contact Jessica Foley.