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PHMSA’s Webinar on Natural Gas Emission Reduction & Leak-Prone Pipe

[Docket No. PHMSA-2021-0123]

PHMSA held a public meeting February 17th on their plans for 2022 and the questions they have developed to assess operator plans for reducing or mitigating methane emissions. PHMSA reviewed the requirements of Section 114 and plans for PHMSA and state inspection of the requirements. A recording of the session is posted on PHMSA’s meeting website. Following opening remarks, the webinar addressed the following topics:

  1. Key elements of Section 114;
  2. Significant sources of natural gas (primarily methane) emissions from pipelines;
  3. Discussion of which types of pipeline facilities must comply with each portion of Section 114;
  4. PHMSA and state inspections, including reviews of a pipeline operator’s programs and procedures to reduce methane emissions;
  5. Inspection topics related to methane reduction and leak-prone pipes;
  6. General review of how operators’ programs and procedures will be inspected; and,
  7. The timelines for actions required by Section 114.