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RCP Employee Featured in Hurricane Harvey Response Article

Our thanks go out to RCP’s Director of Technical Services, Michael Berg, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his volunteer efforts after Hurricane Harvey. In addition to leading major projects for RCP and being the father of three (and husband of one), in his “spare” time he is the president of the Nottingham Forest Homeowners Association. While you might not know the name of that neighborhood, you’ve seen it a lot on the news. It was intentionally flooded by the Corps of Engineers when they made the difficult decision to do an emergency release of water from the Barker / Addicks reservoirs, flooding hundreds of homes in this neighborhood very rapidly. The release is ongoing and many homes are still flooded.

The story and photos in the Houstonia Magazine provides an excellent summary of the event and the aftermath, and how Michael and the neighborhood have responded. I recommend it to anyone who wants an up-close and personal perspective on this event.

If you’d like to thank Michael directly, send an email to She will compile and summarize them for him. He received 1,300 emails from the neighborhood in the first day of flooding. He’s kind of busy.