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Regulator & Meter Station MAOP Field Validation

RCP’s MAOP validation includes field data collection, historical document review, producing standard drawings, and uploading station data to MaxOp, the industry-leading MAOP confirmation and reporting application.

For each site, RCP takes photos and measurements of all above ground piping and components. Pressure ratings of components are confirmed where available. Ultrasonic readings are taken to confirm wall thicknesses of pipes and fittings. MAOP documentation review includes data gathering and comprehensive analysis of historical documents as well as newly available information from the field collection. RCP utilizes MaxOp to validate the MAOP of each station based on gathered data.  Finally, we deliver a comprehensive report, which includes detailed photos of the site, up-to-date station drawings, bill-of-materials, installation history, highlighted MAOP issues and recommended remediations. 

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