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Self-Audits Now Available for TRRC Regulated Industries

For the first time, the Railroad Commission of Texas (TRRC) has approved guidelines for its regulated industries to conduct voluntary audits of their facilities and operations under TRRC jurisdiction. The voluntary self-audits allow operators to ensure they are protecting public safety and the environment by proactively identifying and, if found, correcting possible TRRC rule violations.

Under the self-audit guidelines, operators may claim immunity from TRRC oil and gas violations through self-identification, reporting and remediation. Immunity applies to administrative penalties assessed by the TRRC. Immunity will not apply to violations determined by the TRRC to be intentionally or knowingly committed, recklessly committed or which resulted in substantial economic benefit giving the violator a clear advantage over business competitors. Additionally, operators may not take more than six months to conduct a self-audit, unless they receive TRRC approval for a longer self-audit timeframe.

The self-audit guidelines were developed by the Commission’s Office of General Counsel. They were adopted by the Commissioners August 9th, in an open conference pursuant to the Texas Environmental, Health, and Safety Audit Privilege Act. For more information on conducting self-audits contact audit.notice@rrc.texas.govor click here.