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September Featured Service

TestApp is a complete hardware and software solution for gas distribution operators to simplify how pressure tests are conducted for pipelines operating less than 100 psig. 

Available soon in the Apple and Google Play Stores
  • TestApp eliminates any concerns whether a test actually met an operator’s test acceptance criteria.
  • TestApp eliminates the need for hand written records, providing a digital record of:
    • what was tested,
    • who performed the test,
    • when it was conducted,
    • the data that was captured during the test, and
    • whether the test met the operator’s test acceptance criteria.
  • TestApp can be customized to receive lists of lines for selection by the user.
  • Operators can authorize both employees and external contractors to use its license.
  • TestApp works offline even if cell or Wi-Fi service is not available at the jobsite.

How does it work?

  • TestApp allows authorized users to download testing metadata to any iOS or Android device.
  • TestApp connects an authorized user’s mobile device via Bluetooth or USB to a compatible pressure gauge that can log time stamped pressure and temperature readings.
  • TestApp syncs with the compatible gauge to gather collected test data and analyze whether the test successfully met the operator’s test acceptance criteria.
  • TestApp exports all of the test data to the operator’s data site as soon as the test is completed.