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SPCC Plan Workshop May 19, 2010 / Houston, TX

Join us May 19, 2010 in Houston at the Crowne Plaza Downtown for an informative and interactive workshop on SPCC Plan Preparation. The workshop will cover the regulation and requirements of an SPCC Plan in depth and its impact on a facility. It will also provide all the information necessary to properly develop or modify an SPCC Plan in full compliance with the latest amendments and revisions. At the conclusion, participants will have a thorough understanding of the rule requirements, and should be able to update or write and certify their own plan (if self-certification is an option). This workshop is appropriate for people who are responsible for SPCC Plan preparation, for those seeking to update or modify their plans, or anyone who needs to know the latest information on the rule changes.


  1. SPCC Overview / History
  2. The regulation and the November amendments
  3. The requirements of an SPCC Plan in depth
  4. A discussion of the impact of the SPCC Plan on your facility
  5. Inspections, training and Plan updates

To register, or for additional information, go to our website.