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TaskOp Audit Tool for Social Distancing

How we conduct business may have changed due to social distancing, but RCP’s TaskOp Audit Tool fits perfectly into this new business model.

The TaskOp audit tool, with all its online document retention, tracking of findings, resolutions, etc., not only makes audits a breeze, but it is also perfectly suited for audits requiring social distancing from you really cool people.  Auditors can review documents and procedures from anywhere they are located, plug their findings into the system, and the team can immediately compare notes to find gaps or issues to fix.  Paired with Microsoft Teams, audit teams can unleash the full power of the tool to create a social distance-acceptable environment while still performing a high quality audit.  With TaskOp and Microsoft Teams, it’s like a standard on-site audit.  Once the audit is complete, operators can assess findings, schedule tasks to shore up the gaps and document everything in one spot.

Check out RCP’s TaskOp webpage for everything you need to know about TaskOp, including available modules, a quick tutorial video, informational survey and an opportunity to test-drive the system.

Click here for a free Demo or contact Jessica Foley for more information.