TaskOp Feature Highlight: Bringing Data into TaskOp from External Sources

Do you have data housed in external sources, such as software or database locations outside of TaskOp?
(Examples include PODS, SCADA, SharePoint, OneDrive, sFTP, etc.)

RCP can easily pull external information into TaskOp, allowing you to use it with the information you are already collecting. This can open the door to greater data analyses and data validation.

For example, pulling your PODS data in keeps one central data source for your asset information (PODS), but still enables you to view and utilize it within TaskOp. Another example would be to pull in SCADA data to double-check records collected in the field, providing additional insight into what’s happening with the data as it’s being gathered during ongoing inspections.

Do you have a preference for when your data should be sent to the application?

A specific time can be designated for data to be transferred into TaskOp.

Prefer for data to be imported the night before and have a report waiting in the morning? This is easily accomplished through our data sync options, requiring no changes to your current business mechanics.

When it comes to data transfer, security is always relevant.

TaskOp will keep your data safe and secure during the data-transfer process. TaskOp utilizes an encrypted connection during transit, using SSL/TLS protocols, with an enveloping AES-256 encryption that protects your data at rest. This keeps data secured both inside the application and while transferring data to and from it.

If you have external data you would like brought into your TaskOp application, contact us right away!