New Multi-File Upload Tool

The new multi-file upload tool enables multiple files to be easily uploaded into  TaskOp forms on both desktop and mobile.  

A simple drag-and-drop interface makes bulk processing seamless and improves efficiencies in your file management workflow. You can also preview uploaded images and download and delete uploaded files.   

How to access and use this tool:

To use this new tool, select it from the files section of your form (similar to how you add a file currently). Once the page pictured below loads, you can select your files as normal, dragging them to the upload area, or simply clicking Upload files to select them from your device. 

After selecting the files, the tool will create a queue, uploading them one by one.  You can view the progress of each file being uploaded with the option to cancel individual files still in the queue. 

Contact us right away to find out more about how this tool makes uploading files easier.