TaskOp: Opportunities and Growth

At RCP, our vision for TaskOp is a software that continually evolves to meet more and more of your needs, driven to grow by your questions and concerns.

Every piece of information we receive from our clients helps contribute toward delivering greater value for our users.

To this point, we want to ensure that you have as many avenues as possible to not only participate in solving any issues within the software, but to be rewarded for letting us know how and when our product can do more to meet your ever growing needs.

Reaching out to your usual contacts to work with the TaskOp team will remain an effective tool for helping gather this sort of feedback, tweaking your workflows, and generating ideas for improvement, but we want you to know there is a new way we will be adding to handle this. To facilitate just that, we have expanded the TaskOp support team to include Rhys Ownby, a specialist in customer advocacy.

Rhys is a proud believer in representing his clients with energy and passion, making him a great fit to support in managing our TaskOp software.

Rhys will be helping to create, maintain, and grow channels of communication with current and existing users.  Rhys will be engaging with clients to gather feedback and new processes that you might have to try to be more proactive with our users.

So, if you have any ideas for inclusions or alterations to TaskOp’s features and functionality, be sure to let us know!