Upcoming Features Summary 

We anticipate rolling out the following exciting features very soon: Enhancements to mobile dashboards, An upgraded user interface, and a more streamlined and user-friendly report builder. 

Mobile Dashboard:

We expect this update will bring new life to the mobile experience. We have made improvements to how information is displayed, introducing tabs, KPI metrics, and a more reactive mobile-centric design, along with new organizational features that will accelerate the process of finding specific information quickly. 

Interface Changes:

With the goal of making apps look and work better than ever before, we are implementing a number of quality-of-life upgrades sourced directly from the community.  

As an example, the table and app tab bar at the top will be changing to a popout menu, freeing up more of screen real estate dedicated to displaying data.  

Enhanced Report Builder:  

This improved builder will allow users to more intuitively create reports and charts, lowering the barrier of entry. While this will introduce an improved set of options, all of the functionalities of the current system will be maintained as well. 

All in all, we predict exciting times ahead! 

We will be sending out announcements for each of these features as they go live.