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2019 Industry Conference Schedule

(January thru May)

Have you registered and confirmed your reservations for these upcoming conferences? RCP will be attending the following conferences. We hope to see you there!

January 28-31, 2019
Galveston Island Convention Center, Galveston, Texas
RCP Booth #200

Sheri Baucom, RCP’s Director, Integrity Services, will be presenting “A Practicum on Pressure Testing – Compilation of Best Practices” on Tuesday, January 29th, at 1:00 p.m. Pressure testing is one of the oldest methods of ensuring the integrity and fitness for service of pipelines. By this fact alone, much of the information that exists on the topic is outdated, inconsistent with other information sources and in some cases, factually incorrect regarding federal requirements and/or basic scientific principles. This presentation will seek to address these identified issues.

This four-day summit includes three days of presentations spanning over 120 topics. In addition, an optional day of training is conducted by subject matter experts. Each day focuses on presentations relevant to upstream, midstream, downstream operation and integrity management. API Inspection Summit provides an opportunity to learn about new and existing industry codes and standards, to hear about emerging trends from experts, and to discuss new and existing issues in inspection and AIM technology. The API Summit is the only networking event for inspectors and other inspection support professionals in the industry.

February 18-21, 2019
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston
RCP Booth #406

RCP’s Integrity team, Sheri Baucom and Jerry Rau, will co-present “A Practicum on Pressure Testing – Compilation of Best Practices” on Thursday, February 21st, at 2:30 p.m. They will present their observations regarding the present state of pressure testing for hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines, and the many issues identified during the review and revision of Operators’ engineering standards. The presentation is accompanied by a white paper that seeks to:

  1. Present the federal Code requirements for the pressure testing of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines in a clear way that identifies the minute but significant differences and where and why the confusion,
  2. Clearly delineate Code-defined tests from non-Code-defined pressure tests
  3. Define the various test objectives and test parameters for Code-defined pressure tests and their corresponding acceptance criteria
  4. Provide resolution and clarity where industry standards conflict, and
  5. Be a tool that operators can utilize to review and update their internal engineering standards

PPIM is the industry’s only forum devoted exclusively to pigging for maintenance and inspection, as well as pipeline integrity evaluation and repair. This event will draw engineering management and field operating personnel from both transmission and distribution companies concerned with improved operations and integrity management.

April 9-11, 2019
Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Hotel, Phoenix, AZ

API’s Pipeline Conference is the premier event of its kind in the U.S. Held every year in April the conference provides attendees with an opportunity to hear about the latest in pipeline-related developments. Once again, RCP is a proud sponsor of this event and we look forward to seeing you there.

April 29-May 3, 2019
Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, TN
RCP Booth #1303

The annual AGA Operations Conference is the natural gas industry’s premier gathering of natural gas utility and transmission company operations management from across North America and the world for the sharing of technical knowledge, ideas and practices to promote the safe, reliable, and cost-effective delivery of natural gas to the end-user. The Operations Conference is AGA’s largest forum with regularly more than 600 operations management in attendance, including 80 speakers, and over 100 technical presentations that run the gamut of topics, such as gas measurement, operations advocacy, safety, environment, storage, engineering, construction and maintenance, gas control, supplemental gas, corrosion control and plastic materials. The 2019 exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference. The exhibition attracts approximately 250 domestic/international vendors.