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Advisory Bulletin – Reminder of Requirements for LPG Pipeline Systems

[Docket No. PHMSA-2013-0097]

The Department of Transportation/Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued advisory bulletin ADB-2013-03 to Owners and Operators of LPG and Utility LP-Gas Plants concerning the Requirements for Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Utility Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pipeline Systems.

PHMSA published an Advisory Bulletin in the Federal Register on July 18, 2013, (78 FR 42889) reminding owners and operators of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and utility liquefied petroleum gas (Utility LP-Gas) plants of their obligation to follow certain sections of Part 192 in addition to the American National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection Association (ANSI/NFPA) standards 58 or 59. This document supersedes the July 18, 2013, Advisory Bulletin by correcting a typographical error in the sixth bullet and removing the exemption for small utility LP gas systems from Subpart N (Qualification of Pipeline Personnel) from the bulleted list.

When ANSI/NFPA 58 or 59 (2004) does not address a specific subject, then a conflict has not occurred and the operator must follow Part 192 requirements. Part 192 covers areas that are not addressed in ANSI/NFPA 58 or 59 (2004). These areas include:

  • Inspection requirements for distribution mains (§§ 192.305 and 192.307)
  • Backfill requirements for installing pipe in a ditch (§ 192.319)
  • Underground pipe clearance requirements (§ 192.325). Valve requirements for service lines (§§ 192.363 and 192.365)
  • Continuing surveillance (§ 192.613)
  • Public awareness (§ 192.616)
  • Operator qualification (Subpart N)
  • Distribution Pipeline Integrity Management (Subpart P)

For a copy of ADB-2013-03, please contact Jessica Roger.