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Arkansas Gas Regulations

On October 8, 2013 the Arkansas Public Service Commission updated the following sections of their gas regulations to match the latest version of 49 CFR 191:

  • 191.7 Addressee for Written Reports
  • 191.11 Distribution System: Annual Report
  • 191.15 Transmission Systems, Gathering Systems, and Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities: Incident Report (changed reporting to 30 days from detection rather than 20)
  • 191.21 OMB Control Number Assigned to Information collection.
  • 191.22 National Registry of Pipeline and LNG Operators
  • 192.951 Where does an operator file a report?

In addition, the following changes were made independent of federal regulation:

  • Added a new section 191.27 Status of Leaks requiring each natural gas distribution operator to submit a leak report to the Commission’s Pipeline Safety Office twice annually, no later than January 15th and July 15th, of each calendar year.
  • Added a definition for Private Line System to section 192.3
  • Added section 192.724 Hazardous Facilities allowing suppliers to a master meter system or private line system the ability to terminate service if the system experiences a lost and unaccounted for gas percentage of 10% (rolling average over the prior year) or more, or has an operating condition causing it to deliver gas in an unsafe manner endangering life and property.

For a copy of revised Arkansas Gas Pipeline Code, revised October 16, 2013 (13-027-R), click here.