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American Gas Association Recommends Adoption of API RP 1173 Pipeline Safety Management Systems

The American Gas Association (AGA) Board of Directors approved a resolution recommending that all members implement Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) within three years.  From the AGA news release:

“. . . At the heart of PSMS is a safety culture promoting non-punitive reporting and consistent self-evaluation to help identify top-priority risks, taking steps to reduce these risks in an effort to prevent incidents from occurring. PSMS manages pipeline safety through continuous monitoring and improvement and its ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle.” . . . “Since the publication of API RP 1173 in 2015, AGA has been integrally involved in promoting the benefits of safety management systems and providing members implementation assistance, including a PSMS Discussion Group that meets 3-4 times per year, developing a white paper on “Guidelines for Understanding Pipeline Safety Management Systems” specific to natural gas companies, and holding workshops to drive robust discussions around PSMS and share tools for PSMS planning and evaluation. AGA has also worked with other energy trade associations to create a PSMS website, which includes a variety of tools to assist operators. All of these activities will continue to help support this ongoing focus in advancing the safety of the industry.”

To read the full news release, click here. RCP is a proud AGA Associate Member and commends AGA and its members for voluntarily taking this bold step towards improving pipeline safety.

RCP Safety Management System
RCP has experience assisting our clients implement API RP 1173 – Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) as the basis for their safety management system.  RCP can perform gap assessments and prepare project plans to close the identified gaps with the goal of having a fully functional safety management system. RCP continues to work with the joint industry group, developing much of the material on the website and is currently working to create a formal auditing program for RP 1173.  For more information on how RCP can assist with your company’s PSMS implementation, contact Jessica Foley.