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Canadian NEB Safety Paper

The Canadian National Energy Board (NEB) has released a paper identifying three emerging issues requiring the investment of effort and resources to demonstrate continual improvement of safety and environmental protection outcomes in the oil and gas industry. The 3 key issues identified are:

  1. Corporate leadership and safety culture,
  2. Effective management systems, and
  3. Performance metrics in hazard identification and risk mitigation.

The NEB will hold a safety forum June 5-6, 2013, and has posted questions for discussion to stimulate discussion within your company and at the safety forum:

  • How does your organization (CEO, executive team, frontline staff) measure the safety of its operations? What is included? What is excluded?
  • What leading and lagging indicators would provide the greatest visibility of overall safety?
  • What does your choice of safety performance indicators communicate to frontline staff? Are there possible cultural implications to your use of certain measures?
  • How can your company better detect latent threats to safety such as those posed by organizational factors? Can your organizational structure be modified to improve safety outcomes?
  • How could the performance indicators currently used by your regulator be improved to reflect appropriate safety performance measurement?

The NEB is interested in your feedback. Comments on and responses to the paper can be sent via email to Dana Cornea at any time leading up to the forum; or by phone: 1-800-899-1265.

For a copy of the NEB Safety Paper, contact Jessica Roger.