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Revised PHMSA Reporting Requirements – 2nd Notice & Request for Comments

Docket PHMSA–2012–0024

In April 2012, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued a notice in the Federal Register regarding proposed revisions to its (1) gas transmission and gathering annual report form; (2) gas transmission and gathering incident report form; and (3) hazardous liquid accident report form. (See related article in the May Edition of the DOT Compliance News.)

PHMSA issued this September notice to respond to the comments received, and provide the public with an additional 30 days to comment on the proposed revisions to the forms and the instructions. PHMSA will now submit the revised forms to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for approval, and OMB will consider any further comments received.

Highlights of PHMSA’s clarifications and comments include:

Gas Transmission and Gathering Annual Report Form

  • PHMSA rejected public comments seeking additional time to report the methods used to establish gas transmission pipeline Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP), and whether pipelines are without records.
  • PHMSA clarified how to report MAOP determination methods.
  • PHMSA clarified the form and the instructions related to commodity types, inter-and intrastate designations, inspection methods, repair reporting, year of installation, pipeline piggability, pressure test levels and test mediums, and other issues.

Gas Incident and Liquid Accident Report Forms

  • PHMSA clarified how to report incident causes.
  • PHMSA reinstated certain guidance in the liquid accident form instructions, and made additional clarifications in response to public comments.

Submit comments by October 22, 2012, identified by docket number PHMSA–2012–0024, via email to: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, OMB.

For further information contact Blaine Keener by telephone at 202–366–0970, by fax at 202–366–4566, or by email. For a copy of PHMSA’s notice on these revised reporting requirements, or a copy of the revised forms (gas annual report, gas incident report or liquid accident report), contact Jessica Roger.