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Colorado Proposed Gas Rule Changes

[Proceeding #19R-0703GPS]

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission proposed in the December 25, 2019 Colorado Register a significant gas rule change. The Public Utilities Commission is proposing the removal of most of the Gas Pipeline Safety section of 4 CCR 723-4 (4900) and republishing it as a new section 11 of 4 CCR 723. The new section has new definitions and some revised definitions. Section 11 does have some proposed new requirements that are not present in Section 4. The proposed new requirements include:

  • How to obtain waivers or variances to these rules in emergency and non-emergency situations,
  • Requirement for expanding Colorado 811 to include MMO/LPG and Type C gathering pipeline systems,
  • Making direct sales pipelines subject to transmission pipelines regulations,
  • Making small operator systems (1000 services or less) distribution systems with different requirements based on actual number of services.

For a copy of the proposed rule changes for CCR 723-4 or CCR 723-11, contact Jessica Foley.