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Construction of Pipelines Using Domestic Steel

[Docket No. 170309252-7252-01]

The Department of Commerce (DOC) is seeking information on the construction and maintenance of American pipelines. This information will help the Department develop a plan for the domestic sourcing of materials for the construction, retrofitting, repair, and expansion of pipelines inside the U.S. as directed by the January 24, 2017 Presidential Memorandum regarding “Construction of American Pipelines” (Presidential Memorandum). The Secretary of Commerce, in consultation with relevant agencies, is required to deliver this plan to the President by July 23, 2017. In response to this directive, the DOC is conducting industry outreach to better understand:

  • Current pipeline construction technology and requirements;
  • Potential advances in pipeline technology;
  • Domestic and foreign supply chain for pipeline materials; and,–All other information respondents consider pertinent to the development of the domestic sourcing plan.

Responses to this Notice will inform the Secretary’s plan for the domestic sourcing of materials used in pipelines within the boundaries of the U.S. Comments can be submitted via the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal. Include DOC–2017–0002 when submitting comments. Note that the original deadline for comments was April 7, 2017.

For a copy of the DOC’s Notice regarding Construction of Pipelines Using Domestic Steel, contact Jessica Foley.