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Correction to Gas Gathering Reporting Rule Re: Offshore Gas Gathering

On November 15, 2021, PHMSA published a final rule titled “Safety of Gas Gathering Pipelines: Extension of Reporting Requirements, Regulation of Large, High-Pressure Lines, and Other Related Amendments” (86 FR 63266) amending the Federal pipeline safety regulations (49 CFR parts 190-199) to introduce, among other things, incident and annual reporting requirements for previously unregulated Types C and R onshore gas gathering pipelines. The preamble to the Final Rule explicitly disclaimed amendment of then-existing part 191 reporting and part 192 safety requirements pertaining to offshore gas gathering pipelines. The Final Rule became effective on May 16, 2022.  But, in amending then-existing regulatory language pertaining to incident (§ 191.15) and annual (§ 191.17) reporting requirements to provide that regulated onshore gas gathering pipelines must submit annual and incident reports, PHMSA inadvertently omitted language requiring offshore gas gathering pipelines to continue to submit the same consistent with longstanding requirements. PHMSA is now issuing corrections amending §§ 191.15(a)(1) and 191.17(a)(1) consistent with statements in the preamble to the Final Rule. PHMSA has reviewed the current versions of each of DOT Forms PHMSA F 7100.2 (incident reporting), and PHMSA F 7100.2-1 (annual reporting), and their respective instructions, and confirmed that each form continues to reference offshore gathering lines and therefore no conforming revisions to those forms will be necessary following codification of the corrections in this notice.  The referenced forms are available on PHMSA’s website here.