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EPA Proposes Emissions Rule for Gasoline Terminals, Pipeline Farms

EPA has proposed a rule that would set air emission standards for bulk gasoline terminals, pipeline facilities, and bulk gasoline plants. An alternative would also apply to gasoline dispensing facilities. EPA said it will regulate them under sections 112(c)(3) and 112(d)(5) of the Clean Air Act rather than section 112(c)(6) and expects the proposed standards to cut annual hazardous air pollutant emissions by about 3,300 tons and VOC emissions by about 45,000 tons.

Comments via must be received by Jan. 8. The records required under the proposed rule, including records of cargo tank vapor tightness test certifications, records of storage tank and equipment component inspections, and records of monthly throughput, would have to be kept for five years.

The rule would require that emissions from storage tanks be reduced by 95 percent, either through the use of specified floating roofs and seals or through an alternative technology such as a closed vent system. Cargo tank loading rack emissions at bulk gasoline terminals would be reduced to a level of 80 milligrams, or less, per liter of gasoline loaded into cargo tanks. A monthly equipment leak inspection – sight, sound, and smell — at bulk terminals, bulk plants, pipeline breakout stations, and pipeline pumping stations would be required.